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Chickens & Quail

October 21, 2009

Our chickens, Millie, Henrietta and Esther.   What funny ladies.

Millie is a Barred Rock and the other two are Buff Orpingtons.  They are all loveable chickens, especially Millie. 

They all free range in our backyard and give us great eggs. Wherever we are in the back yard, the ladies want to be there also.  Right under our feet.   This is a form of slowing down, the need to be watchful of not stepping on any of them.

Being raised in the city and on a military base for most of my life, I never imagined the joys of having chickens.  They are quite comical creatures.  When my husband and I come into the backyard, they look up from wherever they are and run as fast as they can to us.  Watching a chicken run that fast always generates a smile and chuckle from us. 

Chickens love to free range and eat all the bugs, grasshoppers, slugs in the yard.  We use to have a nice array of bugs in our yard but they have taken care of those critters.  Our yard attracted all sorts of insects because we never used any type of insecticide and we try to keep things natural.  We had frogs too but I think the chickens got them too.  Now the only place that has insects and frogs is our front yard.  Which is perfectly fine with me. 

We have a rather large compost pile in the backyard that the “ladies” would love to have access to.  We went from three pallet compost piles to one large one, made also with pallets.  The ladies “assisted us” with this move.  While we were shoveling compost in our wheelbarrows, the chickens were scratching away also, eating all the worms, grubs, insects to their delight.  They would even fly up on the full wheelbarrow and scratch inside it to make sure they didn’t miss anything.

Chickens are easy pets.  My husband built them a nice coop and every evening they go into the coop without any prodding and go right to sleep.  They do not like being outside when it is dark.  The few times that we were “late” closing up the coop, they were looking out the window of the coop waiting for us.  I think they just feel more secure locked up at night because we all know most everything loves chicken.  🙂