Painted Washer & Freezer

I saw this great post at about painting a washer and dryer.

I LOVED the idea and Brooke did a great job on her washer and dryer.  She used red paint and it was beautiful.

I decided to paint my washer and chest freezer.  We don’t have a dryer since I line dry everything.  Since my laundry room was blue and white, I didn’t want a red washer.  The whole patriotic laundry room doesn’t appeal to me.  🙂

So I chose yellow.  What a change!  I love the color and the effect on my laundry room.  After I finished painting the washer and freezer, they both looked a little plain so I added some decals to them and now I think I should have just left them plain.  I will have to remove them later and take new pictures.  Oh well, I am wishy washy like that.

Hope you like the pictures.

This is the paint that I chose.

Nice smooth coverage

Painted Washer & Freezer

totally painted washer with decals


Added accessories to bring the colors together.

Still have to do some touch up on the corner of the freezer as you can see. 


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