Early Risers

It’s a good thing my husband and I are both early birds.  Our jobs do require us to be at work early but we are usually up way before then doing thing around the house or yard.  No alarm clock needed.

The downside is that in the evenings we are pretty much useless.  Around 8pm, we are glancing at the clock debating whether we can make it another 30 minutes or not.  Usually not.  It’s so sad.  🙂

Our friends know us well enough, to make sure that when we get invited over, it is always early.  

We live on a street of retired people.  That is so nice.  They are always busy in their yards/homes and keep a watch on things.  However, we are usually up and about in our yards before we see any life from any other homes around us.  It just makes for a good start to the day to get some fresh air so early.

Getting up early doesn’t mean we are doing anything extravagant.  Just pattering around doing things like watering our garden.  We only use the water from our rain barrels though.  It takes about an hour to do the entire garden.  If you saw us, you would think we are crazy, since we are seemingly talking to ourselves as we water. Just having a little conversation with the plants.


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